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4 ways for your marketing to fail in 2010

A few weeks ago, Advertising Age columnist Tim Williams wrote an excellent article about 15 risks that agencies can’t afford not to take. (The link is to a pdf file, as the Ad Age column is now behind a subscription wall.) We’ve been discussing this article here at VantagePoint recently, and it occurred to me […]

Notes from Social Media Panel

VantagePoint attended a Social Media Panel last week…the line was out the door!

’Tis the Season To Be Digital

Christmas is almost a week away, which means holiday greetings are coming in at a steady pace. While I’ve been receiving traditional Christmas cards in the mail, I’ve also been getting digital messages from friends, colleagues and business associates. One email I received contained an image of the entire company, another had the look of […]

The Endless Possibilities of Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the many tools provided by the mega search engine to help users maximize their web experience. A free service, Google Alerts allows you to set up and schedule web searches based on specific search terms. After a search is established, which only takes about 60 seconds,

Get the Big Picture at the Big Apple–Literally

Effectively grabbing the attention of their target market, American Eagle executed a well-thought marketing plan to help launch their new flagship store in Times Square: give customers 15 seconds of fame.

Gnarly, dude: a recent project

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