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Simple Twitter tip for retweet success

What does it take to be retweeted? According to a recent article in Public Relations Tactics, 70 percent of retweets contain a link. Including a link is one way to increase the likelihood that your message will be retweeted. Another way to increase your visibility is to include specific words, such as nouns and third […]

Holiday Inn’s human bedwarmers?

Leveraging Content

You have just completed an application story or a white paper, now what? Well, they are great thought leadership tools to put on your website, but don’t let it stop there. Since you have put the time and money into developing these resources, maximize your investment by utilizing them in multiple ways.

Branding lessons from my BMW racing experience

Flying High with Gogo

This holiday season, I traveled from Atlanta to D.C. on board a standard Delta aircraft. While everything seemed to be the same as usual – beverage service, small overhead compartments, pretzels and peanuts, tiny bathrooms, etc. – I was pleasantly surprised to find that they now offer Gogo, a service that allows you to connect […]

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