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Innovate or imitate?

Is it better to be the market leader, innovating to stay ahead of competitors — and perhaps even the marketplace itself? Or, are those companies with follower strategies in a stronger position for success when the risk of an innovative new product or service introduction is largely borne by the leaders? A recent business book […]

Takeaways from 2010 Vocus Conference

On June 10-11, I attended the 2010 Vocus Users Conference. Held in Washington, D.C., nearly 400 public relations professionals, all who use Vocus as a PR tool, gathered to learn, network and listen to some of the great thinkers in the industry. This was my first time attending this conference, so I wasn’t sure what […]

Who is at the wheel in your company?

Take a close look at your company’s product and service portfolio. Does your portfolio reflect your company’s business strategy, or is your portfolio loaded with a mismatch of products or services with little potential for growth? New products and services set the future direction of your company. If your portfolio does not support your company’s […]

The smell of a brand

Green, sustainability resources for your business

If going green or becoming more sustainable is a goal at your company (or even in your home), it is important to pay attention to the leaders of the movement. At VantagePoint, many of our clients are focused on sustainable practices and/or manufacturing green products, so we turn to certain sources for up-to-date information. It […]

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