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How to Unstick a Stuck Channel

I grew up in a neighborhood where kickball ruled. One day a bunch of us boys were playing when suddenly the ball bounced down a drainage ditch. Within seconds it got jammed halfway inside a long, skinny concrete pipe under Mr. Stewart’s driveway. We tried to pry the ball out with long sticks and rocks […]

Intercept B-to-B Prospects on Their Own Turf

I’m not a football player, and I don’t fully understand the rules. If a penalty flag flies on a play, I usually have to wait for the ref to explain it. I’m clueless about the finer points of blocking and tackling, and I certainly can’t predict which team is likely to win a tight match.

Watch a video, create greater value

Recently, we recorded a series of informal conversations with several of VantagePoint Marketing’s key staff discussing how to help our B2B customers create greater value for their customers. If you’ve got 12 minutes, I think you might find these interesting and helpful. The three brief videos are available below, or you can watch them in […]

2011 Marketing Forecast … or 2011 Marketing Observations?

Wednesday night I attended the 2011 Marketing Forecast event at Charlotte’s Uptown EpiCentre. Although the local panel of marketing pros stopped short of sketching out key trends for the coming year, they did offer bits of useful advice. Here are some takeaways from my little black book: Social media is a tool, not a toy. […]

Navigating a market successfully

I am a lifelong boater that loves to cruise on any body of water. As I was planning a cruise recently, I was thinking of some of the similarities between my planning on my boat and market planning. Yes, I know it sounds a little far-fetched, but I believe there are valid comparisons.

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