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Help! Content Overload

I don’t know about you, but I get dozens of e-mails a day. Many are from colleagues, but several are from content-rich sources covering marketing and public relations topics. While I opt-in to these daily or weekly newsletters and blogs, I still find that I have limited time to really read through the entire e-mail. […]

Provide a free service, make a sale?

I went to a local mall at noon today to grab lunch and noticed a group of people standing at the entrance with yellow mall vests and clipboards in their hands. Since I’m in the marketing business, I immediately assumed they were taking a survey. A very nice young lady asked me if I had […]

VantagePoint’s annual Super Bowl commercial review

Is the Press Release an Endangered Species?

When I was younger, I “adopted” a manatee, the endangered species otherwise known as a sea cow. I don’t know why I loved these creatures so much, but I did. To this day, they fascinate me. I even had the pleasure of swimming with them, not once, but twice during the past two years. Similar […]

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