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Cut Through the Clutter: Make Sure to Focus Your Marketing

One of the benefits of living in Upstate South Carolina is that beach trips can be taken on a whim and over a weekend. And as anyone who has driven to the beach knows, the closer you get, the more billboards there are vying for your attention. I’m always amazed by the one that never […]

Slow Down, Netflix!

Like millions of others out there, I got a rather long-winded email from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings this week. Frankly, the content of the email left me a bit boggled. He was apologizing (but not taking corrective action) and explaining why I should be happy to pay more to get less through a soon-to-be much […]

6 reasons your customers could be loyal to your brand

I’ve got a problem. My wife and I are shopping for a car, but the brand we have purchased for our last 4 cars (yes, we may have been obsessively loyal) no longer exists. So what brands to consider now? And why? And while I pondered these deep questions, I also began wondering what made […]

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