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Ten Tips for a Happier New Year

As 2012 fades into the sunset (and may it rest in peace!), most of us can benefit from a bit of focused reflection on what we achieved (or didn’t!) over the past twelve months. Beyond providing some assessment of how well we used our time and talents, perhaps this will also provide motivation to make […]

The “Why Test”

The Why Test is an exercise in being purposeful. It’s a gut-check way of asking yourself: What does it all mean, why does it matter, and who cares? I try to do the Why Test at each step of the creative process, and especially as a project nears completion. It all starts with the brief, […]

The Quest for the Perfect Christmas Card

It’s that time of year again — HOLIDAY CARDS! We wait with bated breath to run to the mailbox and gauge our relative popularity. When we find one there, we feel obligated to read it and keep it somewhere in our house. For us, it’s the front door, where, out of guilt or sheer awkwardness, […]

‘Tis the Seasoning

Thanksgiving didn’t just signal the beginning of doorbuster sales and frantic trips to the mall — it ushered in the holiday ad season, and all the biggest brands are trotting out their Christmas-themed messages on television, in print and, more than ever, online. One particular TV spot caught my eye this week: DraftFCB Chicago’s new […]

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