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Walk the Walk When Consumers Talk the Talk

With the rapid expansion of social media in past several years, consumers now have a virtual bully pulpit at their fingertips every minute of every day. Taking to their phones, tablets and PCs, they’ve found a far-reaching and powerful vehicle for their opinions — and most everyone who is motivated enough to comment about a […]

Are there meds for this?

Be honest with yourself. You’ve had that day in early April when the buds are on the trees, the sun is finally shining and that fat, lazy bumble bee keeps plunk, plunk, plunking into your office window. That day when you know your inbox won’t fill as quickly or the phone won’t ring as much […]

News Release: VantagePoint Growth Brings Staff Expansion and Promotions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 16, 2013 Jayne Ferrer 864-331-1277 VantagePoint Growth Brings Staff Expansion and Promotions B2B agency going strong as it approaches 20th anniversary Greenville, S.C. — VantagePoint Marketing, recently named as one of the top business-to-business agencies in the U.S. byBtoB Magazine, has hired one and promoted three to accommodate new clients and […]

Launching a new website? Tips for successfully handling an Adwords migration

  An SEM client of ours is in the final stages of preparation for launching their new website. Online sales are a major part of their revenue stream, which means they’ll need to have their Adwords campaigns updated and “going live” at the same time as the new site. Sooner or later, many of us […]

Ricky, Don’t Lose That Number — You May Never Find It Again!

Lessons Learned: Creative Presentations

A colleague recently returned from a workshop on effectively presenting creative work. He came back with great insights not just for our creative team, but also for the client services team and our clients. For me, the two big takeaways were: Understanding your audience: I’m not going to give away any trade secrets here, but […]

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