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Can marketers mix Instagram and Jane Austen?

I came across a short film today that chronicled the life of a teen entirely on his computer screen. The comments, as you might expect, included complaints about how appalling it was that this young man communicated almost exclusively by electronic means — video chat, Facebook chat, Facebook messages, Skype — and not face-to-face. For […]

A Caveman, a Pig and a Gecko Walk Into a Bar…

It’s hard to channel surf these days without running into a GEICO commercial from any one of their parallel campaigns — whether it’s the “How happy are folks…?” guitar-picking duo, Maxwell the Pig or everyone’s favorite British gecko. But behind GEICO’s wall-to-wall advertising is a story of meteoric growth that should encourage clients and agencies […]

Missing out on website conversions? Don’t forget this under-used tool.

  I was perusing the site of one of my favorite search engine marketing resources (which is usually as fun as it sounds) when I came across an interesting statistic: According to a study by ValueClick, 98% of first-time visitors to online retailers don’t convert/make a purchase. The implications of this statistic are as far-reaching […]

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