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All I want for Christmas is a bike. Really.

Do you remember when all you wanted from Santa Claus was a bike? Just a bike. No frills. Okay, maybe some streamers. And a purple unicorn motif was a plus. Throw in a banana seat and you’d have hit the jackpot. But at the end of the day, it was just a bike. Now, Santa […]

Designing Emails? Keep the Mobile Masses in Mind

According to a recent report by Yesmail Interactive, nearly half of all marketing emails are opened on mobile devices.   That’s a serious stat to consider with some major implications.   And it begs the question, with nearly half of your email recipients considered mobile viewers (and you can expect those numbers to continue rising), […]

Deck the Halls with . . . ?

by Jayne Ferrer, VantagePoint PR Specialist The city of Ledbury, England (hometown of poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and John Masefield, in case you’re interested) has a problem. Facing a serious shortage of cash, they’re having to decide which is more important to their fair city: Christmas lights, hanging baskets, or public toilets. Okay, so at […]

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