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News Release: VantagePoint Anniversary Celebration Benefits a Dozen Nonprofits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 30, 2014 Jayne Ferrer 864-331-1277 VantagePoint Anniversary Celebration Benefits a Dozen Nonprofits Greenville, S.C. — To celebrate its 20th anniversary last October, VantagePoint, a business-to-business marketing agency in Greenville, South Carolina, wanted something beyond a party to commemorate its milestone achievement. “Success is never achieved alone,” says company CEO and President Craig […]

It’s All in the List: 5 Tips for Securing a Good Distribution List

When it’s time to create and launch an integrated campaign, it’s easy to focus on the more exciting or complex elements: the concepts, the schedule, the offer, the tracking and metrics.

But without a solid list of relevant decision-makers, it doesn’t matter how creative the campaign concept is or how great of an offer you’re presenting—no one will bite.

Does Your Worst Nightmare Have 140 Characters In It?

In our techno-happy world that never unplugs, along with the advantage of being able to read Moby Dick without having to haul it around, navigate our way across the country without ever unfolding a single map, and order Christmas gifts for the entire family without ever leaving our living rooms comes the disadvantage that anyone with access to the Internet has—for better or worse— a 24/7 opportunity to fully (and fervently) exercise his or her right to free speech.

What S. Truett Cathy Can Teach Us About Excellent Client Service

As you’ve all seen by now, Chick-fil-A’s legendary founder S. Truett Cathy passed away early Monday morning at the age of 93. The magnitude of the quick-service empire he created is undeniable, but what fueled decades of continued success – other than extremely tasty food? Cathy was a man of morals, values and principles – and he ensured his company ran according to those same tenets. From emphasizing customer experience, to valuing the people and the product behind the success, Cathy knew what was really important.

Ensuring the Success of Your New Product Launch

As much as we wish the whole if-you-build-it-they-will-come philosophy would work for something like a new product launch, that approach only seems to work in Kevin Costner movies. (I can’t deny, though, it was a darn good movie.)

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