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What Drives Those You Work With?

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a webinar hosted by 4A’s, which focused on how individuals can better manage projects up and sideways in their marketing and advertising roles. Regardless of whether you’re working at an agency or in the marketing department of a large corporation, you’re going to come in contact with – and rely on – a number of individuals on a daily basis that you have no formal authority over.

‘Tis the Season for Trade Shows

Trade show season is in full swing. For most of our clients, participating in these huge industry events that bring a targeted audience together under one roof is a key element of their annual marketing plan. In just a few days, you get the opportunity to put your dogs and ponies in front of more potential customers than you might encounter during the entire rest of the year.

News Release: VantagePoint Adds PR Manager

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 18, 2015 Andrea Simrell 864-331-1277 VantagePoint Adds PR Manager Greenville, S.C. — VantagePoint Marketing has hired Andrea Simrell as public relations manager. She will lead public relations strategies and tactics for several of the B2B marketing agency’s foodservice clients and brings a strong background in public relations, including content development, media relations […]

When Foodservice Equipment (Literally) Delivers

Have you ever tried chicken feet? Me neither. But I could have. And maybe I should have. It was a moment for being adventurous. On a recent trip to Brooklyn, our group met in Chinatown for authentic Cantonese dim sum. To say I felt out of place would be an understatement. Let’s just say that in a packed dining hall of a few hundred people, I was the only Irish guy.

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience in Data Storytelling

Last week marked the 29th Anniversary of the NASA Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy that brought a devastating end to the space craft’s tenth mission. Millions of Americans watched as the aircraft exploded into flames tragically ending the lives of the entire flight crew. As a result, NASA temporarily suspended shuttle missions for more than two years. So what was the cause of this failed mission and how does it relate to B2B marketing?

Our annual Super Bowl commercial review

Although we don’t have any clients advertising in the Super Bowl (and probably never will), several of our clients have customers that do. Read our take on the commercials, as they aired.

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