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Taco Bell vs. McDonald’s, “1984” style

It’s no secret that Taco Bell has been gunning for McDonald’s for a number of years, most recently in the breakfast arena. (Last year’s marketing featuring guys named Ronald McDonald got nearly as much free publicity as it did paid media.) Well, Taco Bell is at it again, this time emulating another underdog trying to dethrone the reigning champ.

4 Tips for Developing a Successful Social Media Strategy

We bet your company is on Facebook. And Twitter. LinkedIn. Perhaps Instagram. Maybe even YouTube. And we know you plan ahead, finely craft messaging and post to the masses in a strategic, mostly scheduled pattern that bolsters brand equity and supports current marketing initiatives…..No? At VantagePoint, we help many of our clients with their social media channels, and there a few key strategies to adhere to when deciding to start, or even fine-tune your social media process.

When Tour Buses Attack: The Importance of Reliable Equipment

Picture this. You see three tour buses parking beside your favorite diner as you’re pulling into the lot. What’s your first thought? Well, if you’re hungry, it’s probably something like, “Time to go somewhere else…” The expectation of long waits, poor service and downright madness is enough to make you cut your losses and find a backup.

KISS (Keep it Simple…)

Each month, the client services department of VantagePoint gathers together to discuss the goings-on of our clients, to share learnings and to receive insights from company leadership and outside sources. Our meeting this past Tuesday was no different. As part of it, we spent about half an hour drilling one of our Foodservice Advisory Board members — James Camacho.

Trade Show Leads Follow Up

Post-show follow up falls by the wayside far too often, but it’s a vital part of trade show success. Here are some easy and quick ideas for following up with show leads.

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