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The Role of Content Marketing in Lead Generation

Content — specifically the quality and promotion of it — plays a critical role in any online lead generation initiative. If executed correctly, content can position your organization as a thought leader, build predisposition and drive quality leads. So why isn’t every company committed to content marketing? Because it’s hard, as a recent survey of B2B marketers published on Marketing Profs by Ayaz Nanji points out.

Is Your Annual Plan Gathering Dust?

Can you believe it’s already mid-June? MID-JUNE! It feels like just yesterday we were kicking off annual planning with our clients and now we’re halfway through 2015. This time of year, it’s easy to be in implementation mode, working through all the marketing projects you vowed to complete without remembering why you’re doing them in the first place. After all, you already developed the strategy at the beginning of the year, right?

My Impressions of Disney World’s Improved Foodservice Experience

Our family just returned from a bit of a “culinary adventure” at Disney World. Does that statement surprise you? For most visitors, Disney World has not (traditionally) been a “foodie” experience. Turkey legs, burgers, and chicken fingers were standard fare. But things have changed rather dramatically in the past couple of decades.

A Perspective on the NRA Show from a NRA Board Member

Greenville Restaurateur, National Restaurant Association Board Member and VantagePoint Foodservice Advisory Board Member Carl Sobocinski shares his thoughts from this year’s NRA Show in this guest blog post.

3 Tips for Building Better Relationships

A recent outing to a local foodservice equipment dealer took our VantagePoint team behind-the-scenes to see how many of our clients sell their products through the B2B space. Through our discussion and tour, we left with a great perspective on the symbiotic relationship between dealers and manufacturers, as well as some key considerations on relationships that are easy to forget.

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