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Strong Writing Still Has a Place at the Table

As a copywriter, I’m always focused on the story. Whether it’s a simple promotion, a sprawling website or an in-depth brochure, I believe messaging is more compelling when it’s rooted in an authentic story.

Eight Questions to Ask When Developing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is more than just drafting a whitepaper or posting occasionally on a blog. Instead, there should be a cohesive strategy around how content can support and strengthen your marketing communications efforts.

The Not-so-distant Future of Virtual Reality in B2B Marketing

From Facebook’s significant acquisition of Oculus VR last year to the more recent introduction of Google’s Cardboard VR viewer, it’s clear that virtual reality, and its acceptance as a viable technology platform, is gaining momentum.

Thoughts on the design process behind Google’s new logo

I remember when I first started using Google as my primary search engine, back in the late 90s (replacing Alta Vista — which pretty much just withered away). I liked Google because, in that day of scarce bandwidth, their search page loaded quickly: it was was nice, and simple, and empty, and white.

News Release: VantagePoint’s Viscome Named AAF Greenville President-Elect

VantagePoint Marketing Account Executive Nicole Viscome has been appointed as president-elect and vice president of membership of the Greenville chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF). In this role, Viscome will help to raise AAF Greenville’s membership numbers, support the club’s current president and train to be the president for the 2016-2017 year.

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