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Plan the Work, Work the Plan: Setting Up for a Successful New Year

As unbelievable as it seems that we’re ready to ring in the New Year, it’s something we’ve been preparing for at VantagePoint over the past several weeks as we’ve put the finishing touches on 2016 marketing communications plans for our clients.

Living the Brand

Virtually every company has established their brand standards at some level. But truly effective branding is more than writing down what your brand is in theory and applying it to your marketing communications.

A Crystal Clear Strategy?

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve always missed Crystal Pepsi. It’s one of those peculiar 90s relics that left us way too soon — relegated to the ash heap of history along with Pog, Tamagotchi and 56K modems. (Come on, who didn’t love the dial-up noise?)

Key Takeaways from the IFMA Presidents Conference

I had the wonderful opportunity to once again attend and participate in IFMA’s Presidents Conference recently held in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Building the Case for Case Studies

Think back to your school days. Chances are there was a topic or idea that was difficult to grasp until it was given context to make it easier to understand. Applying an idea to a familiar situation can help turn an abstract concept into a more concrete one.

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