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News Release: VantagePoint Earns Four American Advertising Awards

VantagePoint Marketing received four American Advertising Awards (AA Awards) from the Greenville chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Presented at the gala on February 20, the awards were given for work done on behalf of three of the agency’s business-to-business clients.

The Pros and Cons of Tagline Changes

I recently came across a fun Hubspot blog post primarily focused QSR taglines. In the post, the author touched on Wendy’s recent change from the tagline “Now that’s better” to the new “Deliciously different.”

Copywriter Q&A

Here are some common missteps and challenges on the messaging front — as well as some takeaways about what’s most effective as you communicate about your brand in the marketplace.

News Release: Clarke Burns Joins VantagePoint in Market Development and Public Relations Role

VantagePoint Marketing has hired Amy Clarke Burns to fill the roles of market development manager and public relations specialist.

VantagePoint’s 2016 Super Bowl Commercial Review

Every 2016 Super Bowl commercial, reviewed in 3 sentences or less — here’s what we think of the 2016 offerings.

What B2B marketers can learn from the beverage industry

For years, beverage companies reaped the benefits of skyrocketing sales in the soft drink segment. And what had worked historically for these companies was continuing to work. Until now.

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