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Getting Social with B2B [Infographic]

Social media allows B2B companies to create personal identities and help form the connections to drive business. This infographic offers facts and tips for B2B companies on accelerating and advancing your social media efforts.

Take a Lesson in Laughing at Yourself and Win Big … Or, How Arby’s Rules Advertising

By its own admission, Arby’s develops advertising that is conversational, authentic, funny and bold. And not only are the advertisements playful and fun to listen to, they’re pushing the chain beyond the box with innovative ideas and authenticity across the board, ideas that other marketers can take a lesson or two from.

Nicole Viscome Promoted to Account Manager at VantagePoint Marketing

VantagePoint Marketing has promoted Nicole Viscome to the role of account manager.

Keep on (Food) Truck’n | What’s driving the growing food truck trend

What may have started as a trend is a full-fledged movement as the food truck market approaches $2.7 billion by the end of 2017. What’s driving these mobile eateries to such heights is not really all that surprising, or that different from what has always drawn consumers to restaurants.

Way beyond getting coffee: How to turn interns into the next generation of marketing pros

Internships offer students a unparalleled opportunity to see the inner workings of their future industries, but they’re also the way in which business leaders can help train and cultivate the next generation of professionals. Here are 5 tips for a successful internship, straight from the mouth of the intern herself.

Research Roundup: 5 Must-Reads for B2B Content Marketing

By the time you finish reading this sentence, a new finding about social media or content marketing will be published.

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