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3 Tips for Building Better Relationships

image ©imtmphoto / Shutterstock.com

image ©imtmphoto / Shutterstock.com

A recent outing to a local foodservice equipment dealer took our VantagePoint team behind-the-scenes to see how many of our clients sell their products through the B2B space. Through our discussion and tour, we left with a great perspective on the symbiotic relationship between dealers and manufacturers, as well as some key considerations on relationships that are easy to forget.

  • Be mindful of the individuals who act as the face of your company. A strong, interpersonal team that goes the extra mile and understands the value of a relationship is one of your biggest assets.
  • Understand your opportunities. Build a strong rapport with your partners by consistently delivering on day-to-day needs, allowing you to leverage and grow your relationship by providing additional products & services in the future.
  • Remember that your reputation precedes you. If you have dependable products and team members that customers vouch for in the market, it makes the job that much easier for you. A strong reputation not only predisposes your target audience to your company name when it’s time to have a seat at the table, but also gives decision-makers confidence that they’re investing in a reliable product with the service and support they need.

It’s always a good idea to get outside of your four walls and gain new experiences that help you improve your relationships. As a foodservice agency, insight we gain through these experiences translates to stronger ideas and better results for our clients.

Though many of these points above may seem obvious, it’s always a good practice to stop and assess the quality of your business relationships and understand the long-term benefits of nurturing them.

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