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A brief rant about image-only emails

It happened again. You see, I keep my email images turned “off” (partially to thwart the leeches that send me spam and ensure that they’ll never know I’m a valid email address).

But this time, I received a message from a brand I am enthusiastic about. The subject line piqued my interest. And I opened the message. To find this:

empty email

A vast wasteland of nothingness. Crickets. A snowman in a blizzard. Pick your analogy, but it happened again.

A brand has decided to forgo the wonderful technology that is html and send only an image as their email. With not even any text explaining what the missing image really is. Or even any text at all. (And we’re not even talking about creating a mobile-optimized email, since close to half of all emails are read on a mobile or tablet device. Let’s not even go there.)

Yes, I know, the reason you send your email as an image is so that you can have complete control over its design. We have clients who prefer this method for this very reason. But may I show a few examples of ways that “design control” can be achieved, and your recipients will STILL get the gist of the message, even with images turned off? (Click on the images to see more detail.)

Dick's Sporting Goods email example

Wistia Video email example

Hilton HHonors email example

American Airlines email example

Apple Computer email example

See? It can be done, and done well. For the love of Pete, please, follow email best practices: no more image-only emails!


  • Ben says:

    I endorse this message.

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