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A Colorful Look at Consumer Habits

A recent article in Real Simple examined the impact of color on the attitudes of shoppers — specifically the component colors of various corporate identities and some of the most popular hues by sector.

According to the article, marketing experts have determined that “people subconsciously associate particular colors with specific social or cultural messages.”

The results were interesting to consider. Some inevitable self-examination ensued, though I wasn’t sure if yellow really made me want McDonald’s more than I already did (it’s said to stimulate the appetite, as if mine needed it), or if blue made me feel more comfortable about letting someone else look after my money (it’s a favorite choice of banks).

Here are some color/feeling connections that got me thinking:

BLACK // sophisticated, popular among high-end cosmetic brands

BLUE // trustworthy, dependable, shown to foster customer loyalty

BURGUNDY // upscale, refined, confident

GREEN // sustainable, responsible

ORANGE // fair, affordable, a good value

PINK // calm, tranquil, shown to increase one’s willingness to spend money

Whether it’s black (Chanel), blue (Ford Motor Company), burgundy (BB&T), green (Starbucks), orange (Home Depot), or pink (Pepto Bismol), there’s always a subtle case of mind games going on when it comes to brand colors.

So maybe Pepto Bismol is pink because it brings you calm and tranquility, and you’ll spend any amount of money to feel better and… you get the idea.

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