Over 25 years of delivering results

What is VantagePoint? A nationally recognized B2B marketing and advertising agency with a primary focus on the foodservice industry — including membership in NAFEM, NRA and IFMA. But there’s a better question: Who is VantagePoint? To answer that, look no further than our passionate team, or our award-winning portfolio, or what our clients have to say about the real impact of our work. After more than two decades, getting the job done right is what truly defines us.



At VantagePoint, we listen first to understand — then we craft compelling marketing strategies built on the insight we gain. It’s all about capturing relevant viewpoints, leaning on our broad knowledge of your industry, then getting to work on the right solutions.


Strategy-driven ideas are about great creative, yes, but also about moving people to action. We bring a fresh perspective to the table with the goal of shaping attitudes and changing behavior. Only then can real impact be measured.


Whether it’s acquiring customers, building a brand or launching a new product, clients define success by the impact of our work. It’s not enough to be noticed and forgotten. That’s why we take a programmatic approach to delivering our clients’ messages in a way that customers will act upon.

“The first step is leveraging our deep industry experience — knowing the right questions to ask, gaining critical insights along the way, then applying them to the strategies and initiatives we recommend. When our best ideas align with our clients’ biggest priorities, that’s when we achieve real results that have a positive impact on their business.”
-Henry Pellerin, CEO

Our services

While our B2B and foodservice focus is narrowly targeted, our portfolio of services is intentionally broad and deep, and integrated for maximum results. No matter the challenge, VantagePoint has both the industry specialization and the integrated capabilities to reach your customers.


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