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Are you anticipating roadblocks?

 /><a rel= width=So it looks like the economy just might be turning around, albeit slowly. (And who knows what news today’s stock market may bring.) With this tentative optimism, most companies are furiously looking for ways to improve sales. But we would issue this warning: be sure you are anticipating potential roadblocks.

 />Why, you ask? Well, has every product launch you’ve been involved with experienced smooth sailing? Did your demand gen campaigns always achieve the results you expected? Chances are the answer is “no.” And the most common reason? An unexpected roadblock.</p>
<p>It’s easy to focus on highly anticipated fantastic results. And it’s easy, in our optimism, to ignore the potential for hazards and potholes on the road to success. But the price for doing so could be painful.</p>
<p>Before you launch that exciting new product or needed marketing program, take the time to identify possible roadblocks and be prepared to counteract them. Here at <a href=VantagePoint, we have a customized process that helps companies do just that, avoiding potential problems that can destroy the effectiveness of their marketing program.

Overlooking roadblocks is just one of a number of “marketing mistakes” we’ve identified at VantagePoint, with the aim of helping clients get better return on their marketing investment. You can read more marketing mistakes here.

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