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As CEO, Henry brings a passion for business and marketing strategy to his leadership role at VantagePoint, along with years of executive experience. Henry received an Executive MBA from the University of North Carolina. His interest and capabilities in the areas of business development, strategy and growth will continue to provide exceptional value to VantagePoint’s clients for years to come. While Henry’s leadership at VantagePoint takes center stage during the workday, he’s first and foremost a dedicated husband and father.

Designing Your Booth: NAFEM Takeaways

It’s true that foodservice equipment can sometimes look like the proverbial “stainless steel graveyard,” but there are certainly strategies you can employ to make your equipment more visually appealing. Here’s some advice based on my recent experience at NAFEM.

It doesn’t end when the sale is made: Understanding the complete buyer journey

Some brand influence points are easily overlooked when a company’s emphasis is on filling its sales pipeline. However, being more diligent about understanding the buyer journey can have a significant impact on the bottom line by retaining and growing existing customers, increasing the effectiveness of the sales channel, encouraging referrals and more.

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