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Collin, senior account executive, joined the VantagePoint team in 2012 and has been a key member of the client services team for Henny Penny, T&S Brass, AyrKing and Antunes. A proud Clemson graduate, Collin is as meticulous about his college football fanhood as he is about the details of a new client project.

What you need to know about the growth of digital ad blocking

A skyrocketing number of internet users are downloading ad blocking extensions for their browsers, and this can have serious ramifications for digital marketers.

How to write an effective B2B e-blast in 30 seconds

Wondering if that e-blast you’re about to hit “send” on is likely to tickle your prospects’ fancy? Check these tips to see if you’re in line with some industry best practices for effective B2B e-blasts.

The Pros and Cons of Tagline Changes

I recently came across a fun Hubspot blog post primarily focused QSR taglines. In the post, the author touched on Wendy’s recent change from the tagline “Now that’s better” to the new “Deliciously different.”

Living the Brand

Virtually every company has established their brand standards at some level. But truly effective branding is more than writing down what your brand is in theory and applying it to your marketing communications.

What the McBreakfast Rollout Reminds Us About Marketing Communications

As I’m sure you’ve heard — either via traditional media or otherwise — McDonald’s rolled out their much-anticipated all-day breakfast on Tuesday, October 6th.

Optimize Your Emails for Today’s Readers

Now more than ever, professionals and consumers alike are pressed for time. And regardless of what it is, if you want your message to be heard, it needs to be concise and easy to access — the old adage “less is more” applies to both content and reader effort in this case. Based on our own experience with clients’ emails and an interesting read from Whereowhere, here are a few quick tips for content and design that will lead to creating a more effective email:

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