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With more than a decade of agency experience, John leads the writing effort at VantagePoint for the company’s full roster of clients. As senior copywriter and content developer, he’s also involved in the concepting process, working with the creative team to bring new ideas to life. A proud Virginia native and Furman University graduate, John originally hails from Richmond, where he developed a love for writing early on — as well as a pseudo-obsession with NASCAR.

Walk the Walk When Consumers Talk the Talk

With the rapid expansion of social media in past several years, consumers now have a virtual bully pulpit at their fingertips every minute of every day. Taking to their phones, tablets and PCs, they’ve found a far-reaching and powerful vehicle for their opinions — and most everyone who is motivated enough to comment about a […]

A Colorful Look at Consumer Habits

A recent article in Real Simple examined the impact of color on the attitudes of shoppers — specifically the component colors of various corporate identities and some of the most popular hues by sector. According to the article, marketing experts have determined that “people subconsciously associate particular colors with specific social or cultural messages.” The […]

Social Media Reflexes (or) Are We Seriously Out of Milk?

A couple of weeks ago, most of America watched in disbelief as half the stadium lights inside the Superdome suddenly went dark. During the Super Bowl. If you eat, drink, sleep and breathe pro football like I do, that’s enough to send you into a full-scale panic. Is this how six months of football ends? […]

‘Tis the Seasoning

Thanksgiving didn’t just signal the beginning of doorbuster sales and frantic trips to the mall — it ushered in the holiday ad season, and all the biggest brands are trotting out their Christmas-themed messages on television, in print and, more than ever, online. One particular TV spot caught my eye this week: DraftFCB Chicago’s new […]

Running in circles to move your brand forward

Growing up in central Virginia, I understood from an early age that nothing captivates the region quite like NASCAR’s arrival each May and September at Richmond International Raceway. I remember my first race in the fall of 1993, watching Jeff Gordon, the upstart rookie sensation, battling Dale Earnhardt, the most polarizing — and most talented […]

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