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The Light Snob Retires

In the spirit of the holiday season, I’m going in a different direction for this blog post. Every year, as Christmas approaches, I find myself running crazy trying to wrap every gift, bake every cookie and Instagram every memory. (It doesn’t count as a memory if you haven’t Instagrammed it, right?)

Ensuring the Success of Your New Product Launch

As much as we wish the whole if-you-build-it-they-will-come philosophy would work for something like a new product launch, that approach only seems to work in Kevin Costner movies. (I can’t deny, though, it was a darn good movie.)

All I want for Christmas is a bike. Really.

Do you remember when all you wanted from Santa Claus was a bike? Just a bike. No frills. Okay, maybe some streamers. And a purple unicorn motif was a plus. Throw in a banana seat and you’d have hit the jackpot. But at the end of the day, it was just a bike. Now, Santa […]

We don’t do this often.

          At VantagePoint, we’re not in the habit of singing our own praises. (We typically rely on our work to do that for us.) However, we’re bucking the trend, as last week we celebrated our 20th Anniversary! It’s a milestone that few small advertising and marketing agencies ever reach. And it’s […]

Messaging and mushy peas

At times, trying to get your message to market can feel like trying to get your 14-month-old to eat his supper. You take great care to prepare something that the audience will love and often go the extra mile to prepare it just the way you think they’ll like it. Or, in my case, to […]

Host with the Most

I recently attended a distributor conference, hosted by one of my manufacturing clients. This client sells their products through their own sales team, but also relies heavily on a solid network of distributors. For the conference, they brought in a handful of their valued distributors to educate them on products, talk sales technique and solicit […]

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