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A native of New York with a degree in communication studies from Northeastern University, Nicole brings seven years of marketing communications experience and three years of previous agency experience to her role as account manager. When she’s not at the office, you’ll probably find her reading a good book, planning her next vacation or checking out the latest restaurant recommendation around Greenville.

How would you like your [website developed]? | The ultimate guide to good design

No great deliverable comes from rushing through or avoiding a process or from trying to patch one together on the cheap. Follow these seven steps for ensuring your website development project doesn’t end up at the center of a Venn diagram of poor planning, wishful thinking and boring design.

Keeping an Eye on the Competitor Landscape — 4 tips

A firm grasp of your key competitors is a must in any industry, and trade shows are often a convenient way to view the wider landscape under one big roof. Use these 4 tips to get the most from a show-floor level competitor audit.

How to bring your branding “A” game

The basic building blocks of your company’s brand don’t necessarily require a lot of cash but do require knowing (or developing) the answers to several key questions or ideas.

Why video is the must-have marketing essential

We’re in the day and age when people read less and watch more. Your traditional marketing campaigns probably contain some well-rounded collateral, brochures, print and digital media, it would be a huge miss to exclude videos from your next annual marcomm plan — if they’re not there already.

Mind the Gap: Navigating Between Strategy and Creativity

I recently attended a workshop where we discussed Marty Neumeier’s book, The Brand Gap. Some of you may be familiar with the book, but it’s a quick two-hour read illuminating the fact that, at most companies, strategy and creativity are separated by a wide divide.

Four Simple Rules for Market Segmentation

I know we’ve shared with you before the most important steps to realize the success of your product launch (and why many of product launches fail). If you remember, #1 on that list was to “Really understand your customer/consumer.”

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