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VantagePoint Marketing is a B2B marketing and advertising agency that creates nationally award-winning integrated marketing, advertising, branding, digital, and public relations solutions.

Lessons Learned: Creative Presentations

A colleague recently returned from a workshop on effectively presenting creative work. He came back with great insights not just for our creative team, but also for the client services team and our clients. For me, the two big takeaways were: Understanding your audience: I’m not going to give away any trade secrets here, but […]

News Release: VantagePoint Marketing Named a Top Agency in the U.S. by BtoB Magazine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 13, 2013 Jayne Ferrer 864-331-1277 VantagePoint Marketing Named a Top Agency in the U.S. by BtoB Magazine Recent growth bumps agency to midsize category Greenville, S.C. — VantagePoint Marketing, a business-to-business marketing agency headquartered in Greenville, S.C., has once again been recognized by BtoB Magazine as one of the top b-to-b […]

Branding: Where the Old West Meets Madison Avenue

The term “branding” now means the process of identifying and establishing a company’s persona, but back in the day, it meant applying a red-hot iron to a cow’s backside. The concept is really the same: ranchers branded cattle so people could immediately recognize whom they belonged to; companies brand themselves for pretty much the same […]

Ten Tips for a Happier New Year

As 2012 fades into the sunset (and may it rest in peace!), most of us can benefit from a bit of focused reflection on what we achieved (or didn’t!) over the past twelve months. Beyond providing some assessment of how well we used our time and talents, perhaps this will also provide motivation to make […]

The “Why Test”

The Why Test is an exercise in being purposeful. It’s a gut-check way of asking yourself: What does it all mean, why does it matter, and who cares? I try to do the Why Test at each step of the creative process, and especially as a project nears completion. It all starts with the brief, […]

When it comes to digital strategy, put your B2C hat on

Your potential customers, after all, are themselves consumers. They’re people who more and more turn to Google with life’s big questions. “How many ounces are in a quart?” “What year did Point Break come out?” “Where’s the closest Starbucks?” They’re people who are trained, conditioned and overly willing to entrust Google with the big answers. […]

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