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3 tips for B2B-ers from Facebook’s best business pages

With more than a billion people on Facebook every day, the marketing prospects may seem endless, but successfully curating your B2B company’s Facebook page is part art and part science.

Five Questions to Answer When Creating an Editorial Calendar

Keeping your customers engaged through consistent content can sometimes be a challenge. Coming up with ideas for that content is a whole other animal.

How to turn one topic into (at least) 10 pieces of content

Content can be insightful. It can be entertaining. It can be helpful. But it can also be hard to come up with.

Three Ways to Capitalize on the Podcast Trend

Beyond pure entertainment, podcasts are also gaining traction as a public relations tool for businesses. Here are three ways you may consider incorporating them into your PR strategy.

Five Overlooked Blog Types to Diversify your Content

From sharing thoughts on recent news or trends to providing helpful insight, blogs are an ideal way to demonstrate expertise and provoke thoughtful, meaningful conversations with users.

Building the Case for Case Studies

Think back to your school days. Chances are there was a topic or idea that was difficult to grasp until it was given context to make it easier to understand. Applying an idea to a familiar situation can help turn an abstract concept into a more concrete one.

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