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Coming Out Ahead in a Buyers’ Market: 5 Basic B2B Reminders

My husband and I recently decided to list our house and begin looking for something new. This will be our first time on the sellers’ side of the deal, so we’re in the crux of determining how to come out on top in a buyers’ market. So, in the midst of repairs, staging and number-crunching, I realized that this process isn’t very dissimilar to what my clients and I do every day.

Of course, selling a house (especially a 1950s ranch) is a vastly smaller and different task than most B2B marketing departments face, but I believe these five simple reminders can help us all walk away from closing with a smile:

  1. Scope out the competition.
    If your competition is touting a product line or feature that you also have—and potentially do even better—you should be marketing this, too. Your customers have limited time to research various options and discover the truth on their own, so make comparing yourself against others easy. You don’t want to miss making the short list just because you left something out of your listing.
  2. Fix the broken railing.
    Sure, one element of your customer experience may be a little rusty, but you make up for it in updates and features, right? Too bad—who knows if that one imperfection will cause you to fail the inspection.
  3. Paint the shutters.
    Don’t forget the value of curb appeal and first impressions. Make sure you keep customer-facing elements such as collateral, websites and other marketing efforts fresh, accurate and attractive.
  4. Host an open house.
    You need to get prospects in your house before they can decide to buy it. Don’t just expect customers to stumble across your listing and fall in love—actively engage prospects through direct marketing, social media and other programs.
  5. Use a realtor.
    It’s easy to get emotionally tied to something you’ve lived in, poured work into and evolved to your taste. When this happens, it’s harder to notice the potential impact of everything from that crack in the foundation to the sticker shock of your price point. Consult with outside marketing experts for an unbiased opinion and professional guidance on how to get the most ROI possible.

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