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Creating More Advertising Impact with Creative Placements

At VantagePoint, we work with a lot of clients in the foodservice industry, so many of us keep up with the industry pubs. As I was flipping through FoodService Director, a magazine for non-commercial foodservice operators, a few ads in particular were standing out to me—not only for their design, but because of their actual placements.

Idahoan® ad in FoodService Director:


Otis Spunkmeyer® ad in FoodService Director:


Rather than a full spread, these placements feature a full-page ad on the left and a third-page vertical ad on the right. As I started to flip over each full-page ad (every advertiser’s fear!), the smaller vertical ad and the visual connection between the two made me stop and look more closely at both ads. Hopefully, they’re experiencing the same results with their target audiences.

This isn’t the only way of getting more stopping power with your ads. Most ad reps will encourage you to talk to them about what you’d like to accomplish, and they can help provide suggestions for what’s possible. Of course, more creative ad placements often require a larger advertising budget, but I think the impact is worth the investment when the budget allows.

Here are a few other ideas:

Idahoan® ad stuck to the cover of the magazine. This can also be done inside the magazine among the pages. Either way, customers can simply peel off the ad and keep it as a handout.


TABASCO® half-page horizontals side-by-side:


And a personal favorite of mine—and something we’re currently developing for one of our foodservice clients—is incorporating perforated tear-aways in ad inserts. This not only attracts attention, but it encourages readers to actively engage with your print ad.

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However, it should go without saying that, above anything else, it’s important to remember that it really doesn’t matter how creative you get with its placement if the ad isn’t highly relevant to your audience! But when your ad is on-point, it can’t hurt to cut through advertising clutter with a strategic, creative placement.

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