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Does your agency paint your toenails?


My son takes it all in at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Three weeks ago, I went on a mini family vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge. It was a Christmas gift that, if we’re being honest, seemed a little more for the kids than the parents. For those unenlightened, Great Wolf Lodge is a kid-centric, woodland-themed resort with a HUGE indoor water park. A child’s dream.

And if we’re continuing with the honesty thing, we parents had a blast too. But at the end of a day filled with riding something named after a natural disaster (tornado? hurricane? tsunami? I can’t remember, but it lived up to the name) I was ready for something other than story time in front of the lodge fireplace.

That’s why I’m sure you can imagine my shock (and delight) when, on the way to our room on the first day, I saw…the spa? Yes. The spa. A beacon of light amid a sea of screaming, soggy, exhausted children. You can also imagine the speed with which I booked my pedicure. Done and DONE.

Admittedly, a spa was the LAST thing I expected to see at Great Wolf Lodge. It wasn’t why I went, but it most certainly did the trick of taking my experience from good to great.

In the business of marketing and advertising, that’s my job every day — to take my client’s experience from good to great. It might not be outlined in a job scope, and they likely won’t be expecting it, but if I can do something to make their life a little easier, I do that. In the agency world, we’re only as good as the service we provide. If we deliver a great project, but the process to get there was delayed or time-consuming or just plain painful, then we’re not doing our jobs.

Does your agency go beyond the call of duty to deliver the unexpected? If so, then you understand the value it brings. If not, let us tell you about VantagePoint’s client service philosophy, and how it leads to long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Oh, and because I’m sure you’re wondering — OPI, Thrill of Brazil. That’s the color I chose for my toes.

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