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Does Your Copy Offer a Way Out?

I’ve stumbled across some exceptional copywriting over the years — but I’ve also tripped over exponentially more atrocious copywriting along the way. As a writer, I’m constantly evaluating what I see out there as both a critic and a colleague. I’m always rooting for writers to hit home runs, but trust me — it hurts to see a poorly crafted message make its way into the public eye.

So what makes the “good” copywriting good? Word choice? Fancy typeface? A good pun? (Kidding. Sort of.)

I believe all examples of great copywriting — regardless of subject matter, medium or audience — have two things in common.

A way in and a way out.

It’s that simple. Even something as concise as a headline can offer the reader a way in — an access point through which to connect — and a way out that solves a real-world problem.

As attention spans shrink and messages become even more abbreviated, it’s up to writers to capture audiences with fewer words than ever. By focusing on how the reader steps into and out of the copy, writers can ensure they’re deploying not just catchy lines, but ultimately effective marketing messages.

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