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Dollars back for your change

One of the driving principles behind the ad agency biz is the constant cycle of winning accounts and losing accounts. What fuels this cycle? Clients get tired of working with their agency. They want a new spin on marketing. They want a better relationship with agency personnel, or more proactivity, or more service. Most of all, they want stronger results.

Change is inevitable, of course. But the key is to change in the right direction – and with the right agency. If you’re looking for guidance, check out a simple interactive assessment and evaluation tool for sizing up agency “fit” at http://www.agencychange.com/. In our opinion, companies should check out potential marketing partners in 10 key areas, including:

  • Integrated solutions
  • Bottom-line value
  • Team
  • Knowledge
  • Thought leadership
  • Partnership qualities
  • Strategic mindset
  • Internal systems
  • Creativity
  • Reputation

Sure, it’s a lot of work. But if you hire the right agency, you literally get “dollars back for your change” by pushing your marketing and sales momentum forward.

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