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Flying High with Gogo

This holiday season, I traveled from Atlanta to D.C. on board a standard Delta aircraft. While everything seemed to be the same as usual – beverage service, small overhead compartments, pretzels and peanuts, tiny bathrooms, etc. – I was pleasantly surprised to find that they now offer Gogo, a service that allows you to connect to the internet while in the air. At 30,000+ feet and essentially nowhere to go, this is a dream come true for me.

 width=Gogo currently serves six major airlines (for a list, go to www.gogoinflight.com) and will soon be serving US Airways, too. Although this is great news for travelers flying for leisure, it also brings great opportunities for business people as well. Just think, if you are flying from the East Coast to the West Coast, you could be missing four or more hours of business operations. Now, however, you can connect to your email and keep things running. Also, you could connect to an important online conference, watch a webinar, place orders, communicate with clients, watch the news, check stocks, and much more.

This also has a great PR play, too. When managing public relations for an organization, it is always important to be available should something major happen or if you receive a request from the press about a good opportunity. By being able to connect to the web and your email, this means that you won’t miss anything going on. With the fast pace of social media, you can keep up with Twitter, blogs and other networks. This also means that you could distribute a press release during the flight.

The pricing ranges from $7.95 to $29.95, which offers from one and a half hours to a one-month, all-access pass for computers or mobile phones. If you ask me, that’s pretty reasonable. Don’t let flying hold you back from doing business. Next time you fly, pick a carrier that offers Gogo and don’t miss out on any opportunities!

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