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Fourth Quarter Recap

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In the next few weeks, we’ll begin meeting with most of our clients to take a look at what marketing and PR goals were accomplished this year and what we want in the playbook for next year. An honest, comprehensive, annual appraisal is critical if you want to make sure your time, money and assets are being used effectively and efficiently. As you look ahead to what you want to achieve in 2016, here are some questions that can help you make sure your goals are appropriate and attainable.

1. Which efforts in the last 10 months delivered the most benefits? If you don’t have tools in place to measure the success of your marketing efforts, perhaps that should be at the top of your priority list for 2016.

2. Did any of your marketing/PR efforts have a neutral or negative impact? Not every advertising opportunity or social media channel will be a good fit. Align yourself with the ones that directly call your customers to action and present you in the best possible light.

3. Has your target market or your product/service selection changed in the past year? If so, you may need to reposition your branding or re-evaluate your strategic plan before moving forward.

4. Are there budget cuts or increases that need to be considered? Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by locking in the numbers before you start to allocate spending.

That old cliché, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” is a pretty reliable mantra. Decide now how you’ll tackle the challenges that lie ahead and you can look forward to a winning season.

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