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Ham & Turkey With a Side of Troubleshooting


In marketing, there’s always a rush to capture people’s attention — but sometimes in the midst of that rush, it’s easy to forget what actually needs to be communicated. In the world of B2B, it’s particularly essential to educate as well. Whether it’s a product, service or even a new feature, customers must be properly informed in order to be profitable. It’s not enough to simply roll out a breakthrough innovation or turn heads with an exciting offer. The real follow-through comes when your customers gain a genuine understanding of how you help them succeed. Only then will critical information flow freely down the line.

I was recently reminded of just how important this can be during a visit to my favorite sandwich shop (I’ll leave out the name of the chain because I’m a nice guy). While waiting for my usual order, I noticed the staff gathering around a large piece of equipment behind the counter. I instantly recognized it as belonging to one of our clients. After several minutes of watching the employees push various buttons and stare at the blinking lights, I nervously stepped forward and said, “I think I can help you.”

I might as well have ordered filet mignon because my offer was met by more confused silence. Finally, the shift manager spoke up.

“…you seriously know how to work this thing?”

As it turns out, when you write about something for a year or two, you become an expert without even realizing it. It only took a few seconds to explain the meaning of the lights and what the team needed to do in order to get the equipment running again.

The story speaks for itself: attention-grabbing messages are only so effective unless stakeholders at every level are equipped with the information they need to be successful. Somewhere along the way, there was a communication breakdown.

Exploring ways to infuse your marketing communication with simple, benefit-driven, educational moments is always time well spent.

Because let’s face it — there aren’t enough copywriters in the world to troubleshoot inside every hoagie joint.

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