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Keeping Customers Happy: 5 Steps to a Successful Holiday Season


The season is upon us, full of jingles, price slashing and road traffic galore. Your customers are often swept away in the natural business that befalls us this time of year, and they’re drenched in holiday messaging that makes them feel…well, less than cheerful.

In the rush to “sell, sell, sell”, there’s no personal touch, no human element, which often makes customers upset, or worse….passive. Yet recent studies show “companies that engage with customers [personally] can see a 240% boost in revenue,” as outlined in a recent Marketing Profs article by Veronica Maria Jarski. That’s a fast-forward plan to your year-end budget goals, wouldn’t you say? Jarski gives 5 simple ways to transform your passive customer into a happy, festive customer, which I’ve summarized below:

Step 1: Go above and beyond… it’s all about customer service

Be prompt, be friendly and, above all else, make it personal. Your customers are looking for service that’s provided by other human beings so show them that you see them a person, not just a dollar sign. It will pay off: nearly 41% of customers expect a response within 6 hours. And happy customers who have their issue resolved in that time frame tell up to 6 people about their experience.

Step 2: Be transparent & responsible with your customer’s time

Do you like being in the loop? So does your customer. Be open and share news regularly. And if there are any issues in the company, face the music, take full responsibility, and provide and implement a solution. If you don’t, you’ll see it in the numbers: up to 90% of customers stop investing in a company when they discover irresponsible or deceptive business practices.

Step 3: Offer incentives & rewards

As a consumer, I’ll be honest — I love receiving rewards for being loyal to a company. Make sure you’re rewarding and incentivizing new and old customers — they’ll be happy you did, and you’ll get repeat business. A happy and loyal customer can save you 5 times the amount of money it would take to acquire a new one. Seems like a win-win.

Step 4: Stay engaged and personalize your messaging

You know that personal element we talked about before? It’s not just a good practice for your customer service strategy, it’s the single most important way to let your customer know you’re engaged in their online and offline experience. Go ahead, add that human touch. Let them know you care.

Step 5: As always, measure and analyze your customers’ satisfaction

We get it — no one’s perfect. You can expect to get an unhappy customer (or two) this season, but make sure you ask them why they’re unhappy and what you can do to improve. Let your customers have a voice. There are countless ways to track your performance and determine the root cause of customer dissatisfaction. We highly suggest you look into tools that might work best for you.

It may seem like the points above are obvious for most, but they’re easily forgotten this time of year. In Jarski’s original post, she drives these five points home with additional numbers in an informative infographic. Check it out — and learn more about how your passive customers can become happy promoters of your brand, during the holiday season and all year long.

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