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Each month, the client services department of VantagePoint gathers together to discuss the goings-on of our clients, to share learnings and to receive insights from company leadership and outside sources. Our meeting this past Tuesday was no different. As part of it, we spent about half an hour drilling one of our Foodservice Advisory Board members — James Camacho.

You may know that James Camacho is the president of Camacho Associates, Inc. and an award-winning foodservice consultant. He’s a priceless resource for our team, and we tap into him regularly.

During yesterday’s call he said something that surprised me. After being asked what some of his biggest challenges in specifying kitchen equipment were, he noted that many manufacturers are ‘overkilling’ the technology on some of their newest equipment.

For instance in some applications, a touchscreen control panel might be a perfect fit for operators, as they’re conditioned to tapping away on their iPad or Android on the regular. But for many members of the kitchen staff, this feature is just another thing to learn. For K-12 schools, he mentioned, the staff knows the recipe, temperature and time needed to bake the chicken they’ve been baking for years. They’re not necessarily equipped to learn a new technology. And do they need it?

He wasn’t dogging technological advancements or innovation. He simply said that in some applications, the ‘basics’ are better.

The same principle can and should be applied to your marketing strategy — especially if you have multiple target markets. Keep it as simple as they need it to be. In other words, be certain you’re delivering the message they need, the WAY they want to receive it. Is it electronic? Is it a personalized mailer with a request for an in-person meeting? Is a webinar too advanced or just right for the folks you want to reach?

In marketing, its important to be as thorough as you need to be. But be sure not to overkill the method, lest the message gets lost.

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