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Lessons Learned: Creative Presentations

A colleague recently returned from a workshop on effectively presenting creative work. He came back with great insights not just for our creative team, but also for the client services team and our clients. For me, the two big takeaways were:

Understanding your audience:

I’m not going to give away any trade secrets here, but we all receive and comprehend information differently based on our unique personality types, experiences and prejudices. So, regardless of how good an idea is, you can’t expect that idea to be interpreted or appreciated by everyone at the same level. Sometimes you have to tailor your persuasion. Analytical personalities like the facts, expressive personalities like the ideas, and amiable personalities like egalitarian solutions. So you need to communicate your ideas in the way that you want the audience to perceive them. For marketers, that means presenting ideas that are on-strategy, supported by insight and research, and relateable. And through that process, we should be arming our clients to do the very same thing with their customers.

Asking them to take a risk:

Creative solutions are by no means a commodity, but I do believe that there is always more than one solution to any problem. And sometimes it’s difficult to predict which solution will net the best outcome. So there’s always inherent risk in selecting one solution over another — especially when there’s an investment on the line. So the burden is on the marketer to not only present the winning idea, but also to prove why that idea is worth risking hard-earned marketing dollars. Clients need proof that the idea will resonate. They need so much proof that they’re not only ready to make the investment, but excited to do so.

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