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Leveraging Content

You have just completed an application story or a white paper, now what? Well, they are great thought leadership tools to put on your website, but don’t let it stop there. Since you have put the time and money into developing these resources, maximize your investment by utilizing them in multiple ways.

Here are some suggestions for leveraging various types of content:

White Paper or Application Story

  • Post it on your website under resources
  • Share it with your sales force as a sales tool
  • Tweet about it or announce it through social media
  • Pitch it to a relevant trade publication
  • Share it in an email blast or e-newsletter

Updated Product Catalog

  • Send an announcement to trade media for literature update articles
  • Leverage any new product photography in press releases or articles
  • Create a digital version and post it to the web
  • Email the sales force with an attachment or link that can be used during sales calls

New Product Press Release

  • Send it to the media
  • Post it on the news section of your website
  • Send a digital copy to your sales channel to inform them
  • Tweet about it with a picture of the product (Twitpic)

New Website

  • Send an email to your customers and prospects announcing the site
  • Distribute a press release and optimize it for the web
  • Talk about it through your social networks
  • Announce it in a newsletter

Whenever you put time and money into developing a new tool, remember to think of all of the different ways it can be leveraged. In the end, it will help you get the biggest bang for your buck and the most impact.

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