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Posting company status updates on LinkedIn

 width=Last week, LinkedIn made it possible for LinkedIn users to be able to post status updates for their companies on LinkedIn. The process is relatively simple for users who are company page administrators. But, if you haven’t heard about it, here’s a quick overview of the new LinkedIn status update for company pages.

1. Be sure that you are, in fact, an administrator for your company page, and that edits to your page are enabled for “Designated Users Only.”

2. Navigate to your company page and be sure you’re on the Overview tab.

3. In the “Share an update” field that appears at the top of your profile, enter the content you wish to share with your followers. LinkedIn says that posts can be up to 500 characters. However, in testing, we have been able to fit 600 characters (including spaces and links) in the LinkedIn status update field.

4. You can also share links to websites, images, or videos by entering the URL. The links you post will automatically be shortened with LinkedIn’s link shortener, appearing as “Lnkd.in”. In addition, a thumbnail and an excerpt of your link will appear below your update, much as it does in Facebook.

5. Up to 20 of your recent status updates will be listed on your company Overview tab. LinkedIn says that you will be able to see stats on these visible updates, but not on older updates that are no longer appearing on your tab.

6. Although your LinkedIn status update character limit is much higher than, say, Twitter (or even Facebook’s 420-character limit), the principles of simplicity, brevity and relevance still apply. We’re guessing few of your followers will enjoy multiple daily 500-character updates. (And, in fact, LinkedIn comes right out and says that companies that post “excessively” are subject to having their pages deleted. We’re not sure what “excessively” means, but we’re fairly certain someone will tempt their fate and find out soon enough.)

7. At present, there does not appear to be a way to link your company’s Twitter updates to your LinkedIn status updates. (Individual users have this functionality, cross posting between the two sites.) We’re guessing LinkedIn is trying to encourage additional, specific engagement with the LinkedIn platform by businesses, rather than just running updates on “autopilot.”

As a result of this feature, we foresee an increased effort from companies to get additional LinkedIn followers — the ability to put regular status updates in front of them will increase the potential for engagement with current and potential customers. Of course, relevant, interesting and sharable content will still be important.

Let us know if you’ve had any experience with this new status update functionality — we’d love to hear your feedback!


  • Alfredo says:

    Thanks for giving this summary of updates. One of my Business Writing students is going to make a presentation that answers the question, “How do businesses use LinkedIn to communicate effectively?” I’ll mention this post to him.

  • Glad it was helpful, Alfredo. This new feature certainly does expand how businesses can use LinkedIn for regular communication.

  • Any update on being able to link company status with either Twitter or Facebook company pages?

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