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Social Media Part II: Using Facebook for BtoB

Like Twitter, Facebook can also be used as a way to reach and connect with key audiences anywhere in the world. In fact, Facebook can be used in 70 different languages. Unlike Twitter, however, Facebook allows you to build what are called fan pages or groups. There are slight differences between a Facebook fan page and a group, but they both allow you to share news, pictures, videos, and more. Below are a few idea generators on how to use Facebook for BtoB.

Ways to use Facebook:

  • Create a group and encourage team members to join so that they can be informed of the latest news or company events.
  • Create a fan page and recommend that customers and employees follow along.
  • Post pictures from the latest events, such as trade shows, speaking engagements, trade organization meetings, etc.
  • Upload a video featuring a new product.
  • Link your corporate blog to your fan page so that new posts will show in your feed.
  • Link to press releases and other timely corporate information.
  • Send a message to all of your fans or members to announce a product or ask for feedback.
  • Start a conversation on the discussion board to really connect with your audience.
  • Manage crisis situations by responding to customers in a direct, timely manner.

As you can see, there are several ways to leverage Facebook for BtoB marketing communications. And remember, you can also connect Facebook and Twitter so that your tweets will show up on your fan page or group. Another element of social media is LinkedIn, which will be covered in my next post.

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