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Strong Writing Still Has a Place at the Table


As a copywriter, I’m always focused on the story. Whether it’s a simple promotion, a sprawling website or an in-depth brochure, I believe messaging is more compelling when it’s rooted in an authentic story.

It could be the story of a company or a brand. It could be the story of people working together, innovating or helping customers. It could even be the story of a product that changes the way we see the world.

To me, effective content marketing should also have its foundation in powerful storytelling — so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the results of a national survey of B2B marketers just released this week.

When asked to identify their top priorities for B2B content creation, 72% of respondents selected “creating more engaging content” — which is certainly what one would hope to see at the top of the list. But as I scanned the other responses, I was disheartened to find “becoming better storytellers” at a flat 41% — and I was downright horrified to see “becoming stronger writers” at a “tragic” 19%, as the columnist opined in the article summarizing the study’s findings.

Tragic, indeed.

“The best content marketers need strong writing skills, because the foundation of content marketing is writing (no matter what form that content ultimately takes),” she wrote. “My sense is that many of us vastly undervalue writing in the content process.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So as social media continues to revolutionize the way companies communicate with customers, my hope is that we experience a bit of a renaissance on this front — infusing our content with real storytelling, informing our audiences with valuable insights and doing it all with a healthy, enduring respect for the craft of writing.

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