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What can B2B marketers learn from Nike and the Cavs?

Nike’s moving “Worth the Wait” commercial was a moving tribute to the Cleveland Cavaliers. And while it’s unlikely B2B marketers are advertising to the masses with messaging relevant to the country’s biggest events, I do think there’s a thing or two we can learn from Nike’s latest spot.

VantagePoint Named 2016 Agency of the Year

VantagePoint Marketing was named the 2016 Agency of the Year by the Business Marketing Association of the Carolinas (BMA). This is the eighth time since 2006 that VantagePoint has been awarded this distinguished honor

News Release: VantagePoint Earns Four American Advertising Awards

VantagePoint Marketing received four American Advertising Awards (AA Awards) from the Greenville chapter of the American Advertising Federation. Presented at the gala on February 20, the awards were given for work done on behalf of three of the agency’s business-to-business clients.

A Crystal Clear Strategy?

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve always missed Crystal Pepsi. It’s one of those peculiar 90s relics that left us way too soon — relegated to the ash heap of history along with Pog, Tamagotchi and 56K modems. (Come on, who didn’t love the dial-up noise?)

A “Secret” New Burger That Promotes Old-Fashioned Integrated Marketing

“Red Robin burger touted as a hush-hush hangover cure” read the headline in the foodservice email that I subscribe to. Interesting, I thought. Although I have no intention of needing a hangover cure any time in the near future, I was intrigued by the possibility that a hamburger could somehow help cure the side effects of over-indulgence in alcohol.

The “Why Test”

The Why Test is an exercise in being purposeful. It’s a gut-check way of asking yourself: What does it all mean, why does it matter, and who cares? I try to do the Why Test at each step of the creative process, and especially as a project nears completion. It all starts with the brief, […]

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