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Why It’s More Critical Than Ever to Know Your Audience

While certain words can drive different results from market to market, there’s something even more fundamental at play, and foodservice marketing is no exception — namely, not “what” but “who.” Targeting the right audience in the first place is the foundation of any successful messaging strategy.

A Clear, Concise Message Is No Joke

Late night TV legend David Letterman signed off for the final time this week, wrapping a career that spanned two networks, 33 years and 6,028 shows. But between strapping cameras to monkeys, dropping random objects off tall buildings and discovering the next Stupid Pet Trick, one classic bit that stood the test of time was his iconic Top 10 List.

Messaging and mushy peas

At times, trying to get your message to market can feel like trying to get your 14-month-old to eat his supper. You take great care to prepare something that the audience will love and often go the extra mile to prepare it just the way you think they’ll like it. Or, in my case, to […]

Know thy audience before thou startest marketing to them

Recently I received 2 emails within 4 minutes of one another. Both illustrated vividly the marketing truth: Know thy audience. First — an email forwarded from my wife who is attending a national conference this week. She manages a store, and one of her suppliers will be attending the conference. That supplier sent her an […]

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