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Three Marketing Ds That Will Set You Apart | Part 3: Data

Due to an incredible number of technology advancements, marketers can now utilize data like never before to significantly enhance marketing efforts. Data is nearly ubiquitous in business but is particularly poised to support marketers across three stages of customer engagement.

Five B2B Truths From Walter and “The Dude”

Bowling buddies weren’t just talking about the next round of league play down at the lanes in the 1998 cult favorite “The Big Lebowski” — they were sharing life lessons for every situation, including some surprising ones. Here are five pearls of B2B marketing wisdom, as delivered by Walter and The Dude.

Unicorn magic: Lessons for B2B marketers from the Starbucks stunt

Unless you were living under a rock, you heard about the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. The launch and success of the “stunt food” offers a few lessons for B2B marketers when it comes to making waves of their own.

From bland to ballyhooed | How engaging formats can boost B2B messaging

Faced with busy schedules and short attention spans of their audiences, B2B marketers can look to infographics and animations to convey information about complex products or relatively dull features in ways that will grab attention.

What do a dash of TABASCO® and B2B marketing have in common?

They’ve been both innovative and smart. Unwittingly, perhaps, their approach is the perfect example for B2B marketing.

Beyond the research: Lessons in foodservice marketing from the makers of Spam

Foodservice marketing can be an especially fickle thing as the needs of consumers change over time, but lessons from this food manufacturer can help the food industry solve its biggest marketing conundrums.

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