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Getting a Seat at the Table

B2C marketers often use a customer analysis model called RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). The model is primarily used in database and direct marketing to identify and target customers with the highest propensity to purchase. But can this model be utilized in B2B marketing?

It’s All in the List: 5 Tips for Securing a Good Distribution List

When it’s time to create and launch an integrated campaign, it’s easy to focus on the more exciting or complex elements: the concepts, the schedule, the offer, the tracking and metrics.

But without a solid list of relevant decision-makers, it doesn’t matter how creative the campaign concept is or how great of an offer you’re presenting—no one will bite.

You can’t ignore the importance of social media for B2B marketing

No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of traffic — some of which could be seeing your B2B content if you’re active in social media. As I see it, B2B firms CAN’T ignore social media, just like insurance companies can’t ignore television. Yes, it’s possible that some channels will be more effective […]

When it comes to digital strategy, put your B2C hat on

Your potential customers, after all, are themselves consumers. They’re people who more and more turn to Google with life’s big questions. “How many ounces are in a quart?” “What year did Point Break come out?” “Where’s the closest Starbucks?” They’re people who are trained, conditioned and overly willing to entrust Google with the big answers. […]

The Value of Something Free or Gaining by Giving

The old freebie. That little something that offers the pungent scent of getting something without paying for it, but can hook and capture the unsuspecting (me, the sucker for anything sparkly or sweet) and even the most tuned-in marketing critic (my wife, who can spot a cheese-laced gimmick trap a mile away).

Coming Out Ahead in a Buyers’ Market: 5 Basic B2B Reminders

My husband and I recently decided to list our house and begin looking for something new. This will be our first time on the sellers’ side of the deal, so we’re in the crux of determining how to come out on top in a buyers’ market. So, in the midst of repairs, staging and number-crunching, […]

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