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The 5 Foodservice Blogs You Should Follow

Blogs are a great way to get news and helpful content, but with all the foodservice blogs out there, it’s tough to know where to find regular, informative content that’s worth following. We’ve highlighted our top five here.

Five Overlooked Blog Types to Diversify your Content

From sharing thoughts on recent news or trends to providing helpful insight, blogs are an ideal way to demonstrate expertise and provoke thoughtful, meaningful conversations with users.

Brand Champions to the Blog Rescue

Blogs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again…never underestimate the power of a company blog. But blogs are a battleground you don’t tread lightly onto; consumers and potential customers tend to place their trust in blogs, more so than just your marketing materials

Does social media fit the B2B market?

A number of people I’ve talked to recently don’t understand all the fuss around social media. What is it? Why is it growing so fast? Can Twitter help or hurt us? Do we need to do anything? Psychologists say that people remember things presented to them in 3s so, briefly, here’s my take, in 3s:

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